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At Highwater Wealth Management, we understand that your financial picture is complex and unique. Our mission is to simplify your financial life and help you reach your financial goals and dreams. We do this by taking a comprehensive approach.

Our wealth management strategy includes:

    • Fiduciary Responsibility – At Highwater we assume a fiduciary duty to always act in our clients best interest.
    • Financial Planning – The key to the success of wealth management is having a goal-based financial plan that addresses retirement planning, education funding, estate planning and tax planning.
    • Investment Management – We design and manage a diversified portfolio based on your long-term financial goals and objectives as well as your risk tolerance and adhere to a prudent and unbiased approach to managing client portfolios. Our portfolios are designed to meet each client’s needs and include conservative, balanced, and aggressive approaches accordingly. We also offer a sustainable and responsible investing strategy.
    • Retirement Planning – Working forever is not a retirement plan. Creating and implementing a financial plan is the first step in helping you achieve your retirement dreams.
    • Insurance Consulting – While we do not sell insurance, we will help to evaluate your insurance needs and assist you in obtaining the correct amount of coverage.
    • Tax Planning – Consideration of potential tax consequences are always an integral part of the investment decisions made in our clients’ portfolios. We will work collaboratively with your CPA if requested.
    • Estate Planning – We work together with your estate attorney to ensure your wealth is passed on according to your wishes.

Are You Planning Wisely?

Use your mouse to roll over the different pieces of the Wealth Management puzzle below to see if you are covered.

A high income does not
mean you’re saving enough!
Are your investments getting
the attention they deserve?
Do you have the
correct amount of coverage?
Have you considered all your
potential tax consequences?
Have you reviewed your estate
plan in the past 5 years?
Will your financial plan
achieve your retirement dreams?
Does your education savings
consider taxes and estate planning?

    • Education Planning – Saving or gifting for college is important and can also be a great tax and estate strategy. Highwater can help you choose an appropriate college savings strategy.
    • Philanthropic Strategy – We’ll help you support your favorite charitable organization in the most efficient manner.
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